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New for Fall 2022, Tailored Industry has created highly requested variations of your favorite sweaters. The thermal popcorn stitch seen on ‘Keller’ has been developed into a new quarter zip style named Quincy. Thick, warm and easy to layer, this relaxed fit sweater is the missing piece to your cold weather wardrobe. Quincy is midweight with a unique popcorn textured stitch, rib trim and 7” quarter zip. Made of 100% merino wool, Quincy is insulating, temperature regulating and odor resistant, meaning you can wear it every day without constant washes in between. Each sweater is 3D Knit™ on-demand in Brooklyn, NY.
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  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Midweight Pullover
  • Relaxed fit
  • 7" Quarter Zip
  • Popcorn waffle textured knit
  • 2x2 Rib trim cuffs & hem
  • Care Instructions
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Sizing

    How It Was Made

    • 1 Yarn Sourcing
    • 2 Knitting
    • 3 Finishing
    • 4 Washing
    • 5 Pressing
    • 6 Quality Control

    Yarn Sourcing

    From yarn sourcing to final production, our approach to manufacturing is environmentally friendly from end to end. We source the highest-quality yarns from suppliers that are typically family owned and provide fiber traceability.


    Every garment is knit in our Brooklyn factory using innovative 3D knitting machines that create less than 1% excess material and come out the machine as one complete piece. No sewing or linking required!


    After knitting, our finishing team inspects every piece by hand, ties in the ends of your garment and prepares it for wash.


    Laundering your garment is a critical part of our post-production processes. Our washing and drying machines are programmed with detailed recipes specific to each yarn fiber content. This process ensure a precise fit and optimal hand feel.


    Next, garments move to our pressing department. The hot steam allows our pressing team to remove wrinkles and set the garments measurement. Then, the vacuum inside the table is applied to permanently set the specs of your garment and prepare for packing.

    Quality Control

    Each garment is inspected by hand for defects and damages, allowing us to ensure that we only ship the highest quality pieces.


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    100% Merino Wool: Certified by Bluesign

    Made from 100% Merino wool, our merino products provide premium warmth and comfort, with temperature-regulating properties to keep you cozy in cold weatherInversely, wool is also UV resistant, moisture wicking, and naturally antimicrobial-- allowing you to cool off when needed. As a hypoallergenic fiber, our Merino is ideal for those who suffer from asthma or allergies, or anyone who prefers a more sustainable fiber option

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    The Earth's Fiber

    We source our extrafine merino wool from Biella Yarn, located outside of Milan, Italy.

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    Seamless 3D Knitting

    Our 3D knitting machines are custom built to produce knit garments in one complete piece; no seams, no sewing, no waste.  All of our garments are made with the perfect blend of luxury design, technology-driven construction and resilient craftsmanship.

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    Produced On-demand in the USA

    Our on-demand technology platform eliminates waste by producing all products after they are ordered.  The moment you purchase an item your order is queued directly into our production schedule — truly a supply chain to be proud of and everything is Made in the USA.