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How it Works

Our software platform streamlines sample development and automates your procurement process -- allowing you to focus on sales and marketing efforts. You can think of it as your internal product and production team. Find our Shopify app!

Link Your Shop


  • Step 1. In the Shopify app store, click "Add App", and click "Install App" to begin installation. 


  • Step 2. Go to the Tailored Industry homepage and click "Partners Login" to access the Tailored Industry On-Demand Platform ("Platform").


  • Step 3. Navigate to your "Dashboard" > "Shopify" > "Add Shop" to enter your Shopify store domain URL



    Choose Your Products


    • Step 4. Go to your "SamplingOS" > "My Collections" and select your chosen product for on-demand fulfillment via the Platform.

    • Step 5. Proceed to the section: "SKU codes" of the product page and click "Copy SKU" for your product variant. 

        Link Your Inventory 

        • Step 6. From the Shopify app store, click "Products", and select the product chosen for fulfillment. Proceed to the section "Inventory " > "Inventory will be stocked at" and select the option “Tailored Industry On-Demand”

        • Step 7. Paste the previously copied SKU from the Platform into the field "SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)". The the input SKU must match EXACTLY with the SKU provided by the Platform. 

        • Note: This process must be repeated for each unique product variant for fulfilment.

        • Your shop is now connected! When an order is received with items eligible for fulfillment by the Platform, you may request fulfillment in the "Orders" section of Shopify and then we’ll do the rest! Sign into the Brand Partner Portal at any time to view your orders status.