The magic behind wholegarment (3D) knitting

Combining expert design and innovative wholegarment (3D) technology, we curate high quality knit garments at our modern Brooklyn factory. Our smart machines craft seamless designs on-demand to a higher level of accuracy and detail than traditional approaches to knitwear manufacturing.
Wholegarment machines are powered by four needle beds which enable the production of entire garments as opposed to sections that need to be manually linked. The machines knit a garment as three separate tubes: the body, left sleeve and the right sleeve. This is achieved using a circular knitting technique that eliminates the seams between sections.  
As the construction approaches the neckline, it combines each of the three tubes together to make one beautifully unified piece. 
Once the garment is pushed out of the machine, it is washed and dried at carefully controlled temperatures depending on the yarn type. Each item is quality controlled and adjusted for size before finishing, pressing, folding, and packaging. The result of 3D knitting leaves you with a noticeably light to mid-weight garment that is free of seams and undeniably resilient. It feels luxurious and looks unlike any traditional piece of knitwear.
The future of knitting is wholegarment, and we invite you to try Tailored Industry’s line of knitwear to experience the difference for yourself. With an extra ounce of bounce and comfort that’s impossible to find in traditionally produced pieces, sporting seamless styles will certainly turn heads.
We are approaching our service offering with an on-demand approach to ordering that is transforming the traditional notions of a factory. This is powered by the efficiencies afforded by our wholegarment machines as well as our proprietary software platform. On-demand production is socially responsible, cost-effective for brands, and better for our planet. Perhaps most importantly—on-demand allows us to drastically improve the working conditions for those who ultimately enable production for the clothing we love. 
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