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Article: Launch A Knitwear Line Without Inventory!

Launch A Knitwear Line Without Inventory!

Launch A Knitwear Line Without Inventory!


Traditionally adding knitwear to a brand has its hurdles. Dealing with development, inventory and shipping have all been major factors in adding products to your assortment. As a business you have to look at all these factors before proceeding with any product offerings. However what if these obstacles weren't an issue, what if you were able to come out with a line of knitwear purely based on your designs? With 3D knitting™ and our online platform offers an ideal solution to an age old process. 

We’ve created an easy to read e-book that dives into our 3D knitting™ process and how you can see returns within 2 months! Download our "Launch A Knitwear Line Without Inventory" e-book now and read more about how our 3D knitting™ can help grow your business without the liability of inventory and shipping.


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